Little Creek Casino Resort Shelton – Special Deals For Visitors

Little Creek Casino Resort is a premier destination with the most to offer for visitors and residents alike. Located within the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains, it offers just the right blend of entertainment, relaxation and adventure to soothe your every need. Accommodations are on-site and can be arranged with a Little Creek reputed agent. Our personal and trusted dealer will assist you to locate the best hotel room you wish to stay in or rent and make sure that you have the perfect match for your vacation plans.

little creek casino resort shelton

When booking accommodations at Little Creek Casino Resort Shelton, our agents can assist you to choose the most excellent and comfortable accommodation in the area, with amenities that meet your preferences. Guests who stay at the Little Creek Casino Resort Shelton benefit from facilities like:

A la carte dining – A la carte dining allows you to select the dishes that you prefer. With a variety of cuisines to choose from, you can satisfy any pallet’s cravings and still choose from the delectable delights available. Enjoy a sumptuous meal in your room or simply just set up a good breakfast by the poolside.

Entertainment for entertainment’s sake – Music fans will want to check out the plethora of live bands at the casino resorts. Whether you’re looking for something new or old, you can find it at the casino resorts.

Golf – Golfers will be able to take advantage of some of the finest golf courses available in the region. There is a choice of four course options and all are available to be booked at. Enjoy the scenery along the country roadways and benefit from the hospitality of the casino resort staff.

Nightly Entertainment Specials – Live shows and performances are available for entertainment as well. Book the show you enjoy, then stroll around the premises afterwards. The guests who join you will appreciate the gift of their time, as they can be sure to enjoy a great night on the town.

In addition to the aforementioned, our agents can assist you to locate the proper accommodations that are not only local but also offering the amenities to meet your own preferences. Some accommodations can be rented from the hotel, while others may be available directly through us. The accommodations offered at Little Creek Casino Resort Shelton offer you the choice of accommodation on-site, or they can be set up for your convenience.