The Newest Promotions at Little Creek Casino Resort

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The Newest Promotions at Little Creek Casino Resort

“Nestled amidst the unique landscape of warm, sunny rainforests, deep canyon-filled canyons, mountain canyons, sun-kissed rainforests and the dazzling waters of a small creek, our Waimea Casino Resort is close by, but just an hour north on the I-35 corridor.” “With easy access from Seattle and the surrounding region, the Resort offers an exciting new way to play, with exciting new promotions and exciting new gaming opportunities that are sure to appeal to every taste, style and budget. Come indulge your appetite for an unforgettable dining experience!”

“A New Way to Play” The “Play with Smokers” policy is a simple concept: Guests who light up at Waimea Casino Resort Shelton get a free Smokehouse burger for each puff of smoke. This is great news for those who love a fresh, hot burger with their favorite BBQ sauce and enjoy eating outdoors. A new daily deal also allows guests to “cash in” a $1 coin for a free smokehouse burger. This “pay for what you eat” concept continues to grow and impress as more people are becoming aware of it.

“Reach for the Stars” The resort has continued to add new promotions each month, adding exciting new games and promotions. Each month, there are a variety of exciting “buzzers” that are available for new guests to grab their favorite drinks or snack and take in the beautiful sunsets. Some offer free drinks for a day or week, while others will reward regular players with special discounts on food and dining. These “givers” keep the resort guests coming back for more. New to this month is the “Hula Hooping” game where contestants must hop their luau paddle in order to move and bounce across a floor filled with hoops.

“Smoker’s Paradise”, “The Smoker’s Paradise” is a new monthly offer where guests can experience the great outdoors at Waimea Casino Resort Shelton. During this time, you will find live music, outdoor barbecues, games of pool and much more. With this promotion, you can play pool at any time during the day or night, enjoy live music and live entertainment. If you’re a smoker, you can experience free appetizers, beverages and dessert. during the day and free dessert and live entertainment during the evening.

“No Smoking” Policy “Just because you’re smoking doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy the sun, surf, water and entertainment at Waimea Casino Resort Shelton. You won’t have to miss out on these activities, thanks to the new “No Smoking” policy. In addition to the “No Smoking” policy, the casino offers a full-service bar that is smoke-less and offers complimentary popcorn for all players and dining services. Come celebrate your victory in the great outdoors with the newest attraction at Waimea Casino Resort Shelton.

“Shop and Be Active”, “As we enter the holiday season, we’re delighted to see that the WalMart store in Shelton is even more festive. WalMart’s Store and Grocery on Main Street have started to fill up again with shoppers are coming back in droves.