Enjoy The Winter Fun At The Little Creek Casino Resort

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Enjoy The Winter Fun At The Little Creek Casino Resort

Little Creek Casino Resort is located at the shores of Lake Minnetonka, just a few minutes from downtown Minneapolis. This hotel is perfect for entertaining guests, especially during the winter months. The little harbor at the edge of the lake allows boats to dock and has fishing for sale. There are also packages available for group travelers.

One of the main casinos at the hotel is Casino Craps, an adult-only casino with regular table games, blackjack, roulette, craps, and poker. The casino features more than seventy slot machines, tables, and personal slot games. The casino is run by a professional team of slot dealers, so you won’t have to worry about playing by yourself.

The casino features pools, individual or group sports action, and interactive sports betting. For a thrilling day, the casino offers a full menu of dining choices including continental, Italian, and Mediterranean style pizzas, small plates, and homemade sandwiches.

Three Caribbean style resort hotels in the Twin Cities area are in close proximity to this casino, which makes it convenient for visitors. The Mall of America is a shopping center open year round. When the winter is over, head down to the Mississippi River and enjoy the city’s many entertainment and nightlife opportunities.

Harley Davidson is one of the most well known motorcycle manufacturers in the world, and you can see them at the State Fair and at the Twin Cities Harley Davidson event. You will find everything from picturesque booths to themed rides for kids, plus a good selection of Harley Davidson accessories for your Harley motorcycle.

In addition to the events you will see, you will also see everything from one-day passes to “regalia” that you cannot see at the HarleyDavidson booth, along with customized Harley helmets, mugs, posters, clothing, and much more. You can also purchase Harley Davidson gift certificates, Harley Davidson collectibles, and Harley Davidson gift baskets to help make this event a memorable one.

Little Creek Casino Resort is just a short drive from downtown Minneapolis. There are many activities to choose from, all of which will appeal to every visitor, whether it is their first time to Minnesota or not.