Little Creek Casino Resort Shelton Wa is a Great Place to Stay

little creek casino resort shelton wa

Little Creek Casino Resort Shelton Wa is a Great Place to Stay

Anyone who has ever stayed at Little Creek Casino Resort Shelton Wa has likely also heard of the fine dining and fabulous entertainment on offer. It is no surprise to hear that in recent years the resort has become a popular choice for locals and tourists alike. There are now many more people staying at this exciting beachside accommodation, with those who work nearby and those who prefer to stay out of the heat of the city life.

People who are looking for a work holiday, looking for somewhere to escape to and enjoy some great meals and drinks with their loved ones, or those who simply want to live life to the full and taste some of the best dining available, should take a trip to this amazing town. The resort offers five different accommodations, including the Tin Can House, Diamond, Beacon, Yacht Club and Plaza. All of the rooms are exceptionally beautiful, with fabulous views of the Gulf Stream and of the Coral Sea.

The Tin Can House offers an unrivalled view of the sea, while the Emerald Room is an enchanting romantic hideaway with a private balcony overlooking the Reef Site. The Yacht Club has so many special features and there is no doubt that you will want to come back time again. The Coco Lounge is known as one of the most exclusive rooms, and the Mews Dining Room is second to none.

There are a number of restaurants on offer at Little Creek Casino Resort Shelton Wa. They include the Burger Bar, Cafe Francaise, Kitchen Grill, the Palace Carving Room, Seven Star Hotel and restaurant, La Pica, La Mascotte Bistro and Bar and The Seabra Restaurant. All of these restaurants offer a wide range of great food and excellent service, making them ideal for large groups.

There are so many other dining options available at the hotel that it’s hard to choose a favourite. This is because everyone will love the splendid views of the Coral Sea and its coastline that are available in all rooms. Although all of the restaurants are reasonably priced and the prices have reduced over the years, the Little Creek Casino Resort Shelton Wa has maintained a very reasonable rate, so you can also save a lot of money by staying at this great hotel.

If you enjoy a visit to the coastal resorts in Auckland and you wish to enjoy the Caribbean at the same time, you may want to consider the Little Creek Casino Resort Shelton Wa. There are plenty of fabulous casino tables and huge jackpots waiting for you to take advantage of. In addition to this there are all kinds of entertainment for all age groups, including all types of friendly games and plenty of slots, craps and crare.

At the same time, the tranquillity of the surroundings at the Little Creek Casino Resort Shelton Wa is still guaranteed and you will be free to enjoy all the comforts that you would expect from a high quality resort hotel, complete with a fully serviced gym, lovely landscaped gardens and excellent swimming pools. If you are lucky enough to land yourself a good room, you can plan a relaxing day of sightseeing and more gambling.

If you happen to be located further afield, you may wish to consider traveling to the Little Creek Casino Resort Shelton Wa, just an hour away by car. You can pick up some great shopping in the town and enjoy a leisurely drive to the many fine restaurants and wineries to be found in the area.